Things are constantly evolving in the trucking industry and it’s often challenging to stay on top of it all. From the impact of trade negotiations on supply and demand to new regulations and technologies, there’s always something new to know. Tuning into podcasts are a great way to learn from anywhere, so we’ve compiled our list of our Top 5 Favourite Supply Chain Podcasts.


Supply Chain Now Radio

Host: Beau Groover

Frequency: Daily

Episode length: 15 minutes - 1 hour

Sample topics:

  • Why Millennials are Perfect For Supply Chain & How to Successfully Start Your Career
  • The State of Logistics Technology Report: Key Takeaways & Insights
  • How to Build a Healthy Leadership Culture

Listen here:


The Freight Project Podcast

Host: Cerasis 

Frequency: 1 episode per week

Episode length: 12 - 40 minutes

Sample topics: 

  • Inbound Freight Pickup: The Role of Technology and Communication
  • Why Shippers & 3PLs who Focus On Customer Service Reduce Freight Costs 
  • Logistics Partnership: Here’s What Shippers Want

Listen here:


Talking Logistics Podcasts

Host: Adrian Gonzalez

Frequency: 1 - 3 episodes per month

Episode Length: 15 - 50 minutes

Sample topics: 

  • Blockchain’s Potential Role in Transportation Management
  • How to Become a Carrier of the Year
  • How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Transportation Capacity Issues

Listen here:


Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Host:  Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Frequency: 2 - 5 episodes per month

Episode length: 30 - 50 minutes

Sample topics 

  • Cost Efficiency vs. Customer Experience (Season 2, Episode 83)
  • Supply Chain Performance Simplified (Season 2, Episode 69)
  • Transforming You Supply Chain for the Digital Economy (Season 2, Episode 51)
  • Several in-depth interviews with women in supply chain professionals  

Tune in here:


Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics with Radu Palamariu

Host: Radu Palamariu

Frequency: 1 episode per week

Episode length: 45 - 65 minutes

Sample Topics: 

  • Interviews with supply chain leaders from companies including: 
    • Henkel Global Supply Chain
    • Avon
    • Uber Freight
    • Ernst & Young

Tune in here:

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