why you should care\

As with most businesses, not all trucking companies are created equally.  Trucking companies that cost significantly less than others often reflect not only on their lower service standards, but also on their inability to provide adequate and ongoing training for their drivers. 

So why should you care?

Here is a quick summary as to why you, as the decision maker of which trucking partner to use, should care about whether your partner is providing adequate training for their truck drivers:

  • Under-trained drivers are more likely to cause preventable accidents. 
    • Driving a 40,000+ kilogram vehicle is no easy task, particularly in varying road and weather conditions. As was witnessed with the Humboldt tragedy, without proper training and accountability programs in place, grizzly accidents can take place. 
  • Under-trained drivers cost your more in the long-run due to:
    • Frequent delays at the border or at check points due, resulting in delivery fines and delays. Once a trucking company is identified as having drivers who don’t know requirements, that trucking company is more likely to be flagged at more borders and checkpoints. 
  • Trucking companies that cut corners with training often fail to attract and retain skilled drivers. Consider whether you want the best drivers transporting your precious cargo. 
  • Underfunded training programs can damage your reputation. Truck drivers have direct contact and interactions with your customers. If the truck drivers have not been provided with customer service expectations and training, there’s little to no control over how those exchanges might take place. 

These are just some of the reasons it is crucial for those making decisions around trucking partners to choose not only cost-effective, but quality trucking companies that invest in their people - and, in turn, their valued customers.

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