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While many people enjoy time at home with family and friends over the holidays, there are some that spend the holiday season on the road, ensuring that products continue to get where they need to go in a timely manner.  Afterall, as one consumer acknowledged in Sudbury Club, without these truck driver,  “we couldn’t go to the stores to buy Christmas presents because those products would not be there. We wouldn’t be able to buy all the ingredients for our Christmas morning pancakes or our large family dinners that night. Those store would not be there either because the building products needed to build it would not have gotten to that location without a truck.”


For these hard-working and dedicated drivers, the holiday season looks a little different. And while they are often up against challenging weather and driving connections (with the exception of mostly empty roads on Christmas Day), most still find a way to enjoy the holiday season.


Many celebrate early or late with their loved ones during their 24 - 48 hour breaks, before turning around and heading back out on the road. Some take advantage of technology and connect with their families remotely, using apps like Facetime or Skype. Others celebrate quietly with their driving partner, perhaps splurging on a special meal on the road.


At Centurion Trucking, we appreciate our drivers and team members who sacrifice a traditional holiday experience, and we love these cool gift ideas for the truck driver in your life.  


We also love hearing stories of kindness from the road:

  • People paying for a truck driver’s coffee/meal when they see him/her ordering.
  • People and children waving their holiday wishes to the hard working truck drivers on the road.
  • People stopping to simply say thank you and to wish the truck drivers a wonderful holiday season.


For other heart-warming stories, check out Trucker Stories: Holidays on the Road.


From all of us at Centurion Trucking, happy holidays to all of our wonderful drivers. May you have a safe and peaceful holiday season.

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