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Few generations have been explored as deeply as the Millennial Generation. Now in their 20s and 30s, the Millennials make up a significant percentage of the workforce, and what many employers are reporting is that this is a generation unlike any other. They have different expectations for themselves and their workplaces, and they have different dreams and fears for themselves and the world. From these observations, Centurion Trucking has found that for some millennials, a career in trucking can check a lot of the boxes.


  1. Millennials have pretty big dreams - but need a way to finance these dreams
    Millennials are known to “want it all”: houses, cars, family, travel. Yet for many, being able to afford it all is a huge hindrance. Many millennials are learning that a career driving trucks is a great way to fulfil these dreams.      Centurion is proud to pay its drivers top wages, meaning our truck drivers can afford the lifestyles they dream about.

  2. Millennials love to travel
    According to millennial Tara Cappel, “millennials don’t just see travel as something to do; [they] identify with it.” Cappel, who was interviewed by Forbes contributor Jeff Fromme, went on to explain that Millennials “...consider [themselves] citizens of the world and have an enthusiastic desire to immerse [themselves] in another place and return rejuvenated, inspired, and ready for [the] next adventure.” Millennials are finding truck driving to be a great way to explore North America, and with frequent trips across both Canada and the United States, there aren’t many places Centurion drivers miss.

  3. Millennials love their friends
    A poll conducted by PGI indicated that “more than 70% of those millennials want the people they work with to function as a sort of second family.” To fulfil this desire, some millennials are partnering with their best friend in a career in truck driving. Centurion drivers drive in teams, allowing for faster deliveries and increased satisfaction for the drivers. Millennials get to travel with their best friends, while earning enough to enjoy life both on the road and at home.

  4. Millennials love flexibility
    Some millennials feel stifled by the traditional 9-5 work schedule and limited vacation schedules outlined by employers. For millennials that are looking for more flexibility in scheduling their time and vacation, truck driving can be a great solution. While on the road truck drivers work long hours, they also have the flexibility and earning potential to book longer periods of time off for personal use.

  5. Millennials are looking for stability, too.
    With media reminding us that many jobs are facing extinction with increased technology, it’s no wonder that millennials are feeling lost as to what career paths are going to be available for them in the future. With North America so reliant on ground transport and many baby boomer drivers nearing retirement, there is plenty of room for career entrance and advancement within the trucking industry.

There are countless reasons why people choose a career in truck driving. Centurion’s millennial truck drivers are happy with the choice, knowing they’ve chosen a stable path that allows them to enjoy what is most important to them.

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