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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”
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We drive past them on roads and highways. We watch as they maneuver corners, turns, and narrow streets. We need and enjoy the products and materials they transport from coast-to-coast, country-to-country.

But have you ever wondered who is behind the wheel of those trucks.



In this blog series, we want to introduce you to those hard-working Centurion Truck Drivers who are the backbone of North American trade, and who have been an integral part to Centurion Trucking achieving the Growth 500 Awards for 2 consecutive years.

Alexandre (Alex) T. has been driving with Centurion for over 6 years, and truck-driving for over 10 years.

Alex shares that the truck driving industry can be tough. Aside from the time spent away from home and the sometimes unpredictable weather and road conditions, he has previously worked for trucking companies that don’t share Centurion’s commitment to and ethical treatment of its drivers. In fact, for one former employer, Alex would sometimes drive 7 days per week, only to have his pay cheques delivered late or withheld altogether. Centurion, on the other hand, is “totally fair”, consistently paying competitive wages, and always on-time.  

The result? Industry-low driver turnover rates, meaning increased service, safety, and consistency.

Throughout his driving career, Alex has driven through all types of weather. Not surprisingly, he prefers driving south in the winter, but has no preferred routes during the summer.

When asked what advice he has for the trucking industry, Alex wishes driver employers would be more fair to their drivers.

When asked what advice he has for Centurion, he smiled. “Keep doing what you’re doing, Centurion.”


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